Tiny Solar Saltbox SKU: 111808

The Tiny Solar Saltbox is a simple 8' x 12' building with a loft. Also included are instructions for building multiple 8' x 12' units side-by-side allowing you to extend the home in 8-foot increments.


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These house plans contain the measured drawings and instructions for a tiny solar saltbox house that is easy to build from common building materials. The base structure is 8′ by 12′ but multiple units can be attached to each other if you need more space.

Pictured on the cover is a 12′ by 16′ house made from two 8′ by 12′ units. There is also an optional sleeping/storage loft that spans the width of the house just above the south facing windows.

The walls are balloon framed, meaning that they are built in one piece to make construction easier. The roof is made up of self-fab trusses which are built on the ground and lifted and tilted into place on top of the front and back walls. This approach helps take away some of the complex framing chores in the roof.