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The Comptche 24 tiny house design has a simple 3/12 shed roof and is 24-feet long. 


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The Comptche 24 has a simple 3/12 shed roof and is 24-feet long.  This house has two distinct sides, each with french doors leading outside. The back room is just large enough for a double or queen bed but is shown here with a sofa bed. A pocket door allows this room to be closed off from the rest of the house for privacy.

The high ceiling, big windows, and single large room would add to the open feeling in this tiny house design. The french doors and clerestory windows about let tons of light into the house. Depending on the climate you could face this house toward or away from the sun. 

In the center of the house are a bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom is hidden behind a pocket door and can contain a 32" shower, toilet, and wall mounted sink.